A Plea For Pictures

Send me images....


Please send me a digital picture of it if you do not see it represented here. I am terrible at photographing my work and keeping this site current.

I would really, really, honestly love to have at least one decent picture of the hundreds of pices I've done, and I realize that should have been a priority all along.

I suck.

If you don't suck, you'll take a few minutes to fulfill my request, since you probably got the painting for cheap cheap cheap, don't you feel like you owe it to me? C'mon, everybody is doing it.

Please Email it to- MisterGrimlock@gmail.com

Thank you sincerely!

I will make sure you get a front row seat in heaven!

PS- a front row seat in heaven is a good thing, not like a front row seat at the movies, think of it as being in the front row at the best concert ever- with Jesus on the drums!!! 


I have sold approximately 410 paintings in my lifetime... Van Gogh sold 1 in his... So even if I don't die rich and famous, I WIN!!!